Space Ape was founded in July 2012 by a team of industry veterans with one of the best track records in the business for creating repeat hits. We have deep development experience in social, mobile, console, and MMOs.

The Founders


JohnJohn Earner is CEO and Co-Founder of Space Ape. Previously head of Product at Playfish and a Studio GM at EA. John is a games industry veteran; he was the producer of three of the most successful games on Facebook totalling more than 20M DAU (including The Sims Social, Restaurant City, and Pet Society). Before that he was at Playstation, The Boston Consulting Group, and the US Navy. John is from the US.

SimonHSimon Hade is COO, CFO, C-everything else, and Co-Founder of Space Ape. He has over a decade product and commercial experience in high growth web businesses. He was responsible for monetization at Skype in its formative years and more recently the backend platform for EA’s Facebook gaming business. Before that he was an attorney in Australia, Singapore and London. Simon is from Australia.

TobyToby Moore is CTO and Co-Founder of Space Ape, which means he spends most of his time turning things off and back on again. His passion for turning things off and back on started with the BBC Micro, which led him on a path of turning progressively bigger things off and back on through most of the 00′s. Most recently Toby was the CTO at Mind Candy, where his team turned Moshi Monsters off and back on for 6 years serving over 75 million users. Toby is from the UK.

The Team


AdamAdam Sullivan is a Founding Employee and UI Designer/Artist with eight years experience designing interfaces for games. He previously worked at Playfish, PlayStation and Dare. Adam is the reigning Space Ape Go Kart Champion. Adam is from the UK.

AlexMAlex Murgatroyd is a QA Manager with 9 years experience. He previously worked on titles with Disney, EA and Warner Bros. Alex has been swept out to sea, had to perform CPR and likes to drink whiskey (not at the same time). Alex is from the UK.

AlexAlex Taylor is a Games Designer with eight years of experience. Previously he worked at Lionhead Studios, Climax, and The Creative Assembly. Alex can one credit clear arcade shmups, but only if nobody is watching. Alex is from the West Midlands, UK.

AmritaAmrita Bharij is a Senior UI Artist/Designer with 8 years experience. Amrita has worked at EA Brightlight, Playfish and Natural Motion. She likes cheeseburgers, and would like to eat ice cream in every city in the world. Amrita is from Scotland.

AndrewAndrew Johnston is a 3D Character Modeller as well as an Illustrator and Concept Artist with nine years experience. As a child, Andrew drew and drew and drew and drew. Andrew is from South Africa.

AndySAndy Sorrell is a Founding Employee and Senior Developer. He previously worked at Goldman Sachs, Accenture, and Pixology. Andy is currently authoring his first cookery book. Andy is from the UK.

CS-AnnieAnnie Howes is a Community CS Specialist with three years experience at EA/Playfish. Annie is a Mum to four grown up children and Nana to two beautiful girls. Annie is from the village in the UK where TV series Last of the Summer Wine was filmed.

BillBill Robinson is a Senior Developer who has been coding for most of his life. He previously worked at Jagex and We R Interactive. Bill has been known to lindy hop and play bass, sometimes at the same time. Bill is from the UK.

CarrieCarrie Gabriel is a Senior QA Engineer with four years experience within the games industry. She has previously worked at Playfish and Rocksteady. Carrie has different coloured eyes. Carrie is from the UK.

CS-ChrisChris Beisenherz is Community CS Specialist with experience on EA other gaming forums. Chris is pursuing a Psychology Major at UW Bothell/Cascadia. He enjoys playing games, editing music, creating websites, and technology. Chris is from the US.

ChrisChris White is a Product Owner with ten years experience. He previously worked at Hello Games, Playfish and Glu. In his spare time, Chris likes to code and repair old arcade games. Chris is from the UK.

DavideDavide Spicuglia is a Game Developer with two years of experience. He previously worked at Vanguard Games on Halo Spartan Assault. His ideal hero is equipped with a degree from MIT and a crowbar. He loves airplanes. Davide is from Italy.

FilipFilip Viskovic is our Junior Devops Engineer, a turning things on and off technician in training and is also in charge of IT. His favourite games are Dota, Neverwinter Nights and Deus Ex. Filip hails from sunny Greece.

GeoffreyGeoffrey Gilles is a Product Manager with 3 years experience. He previously worked at BNP Paribas. One day, Geoffrey hopes to build a robot that can compose epic songs. Geoffrey is from Belgium.

GeorgeGeorge Yao is Space Ape’s resident gaming guru. His alter ego Jorge Yao is a legend amongst mobile/tablet strategy gamers. George speaks Chinese Mandarin and manages events/our VIP programme for top players. George is from the US.

GiuseppeGiuseppe Holm is our Recruitment Manager with over 10 years experience in the field and double that time as a passionate gamer. He loves snowboarding and diving and sometimes does both at the same time. Giuseppe is from Switzerland and Italy.

GlynGlyn Fairweather is a QA Engineer with 3 years experience in the games industry. A frequent cinema patron, Glyn has only rated one film higher than 7/10 on IMDB; Ghostbusters, which he gave 8/10. Glyn is from Leeds.

IanIan Fulton is a Finance Director who worked for high growth companies including Skype, NewVoiceMedia and for the last 15 years. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and enjoys live music, sport and running. Ian is from the UK.

JasonJason Cunningham is a UI Artist with twenty years experience. Jason has worked in console gaming and has previously worked at Bullfrog, Psygnosis and Argonaut. At 6, he came second in a game design competition on TV. Jason is from the UK.

JayJay Webb is our Creative Designer and merch maestro with 5 years experience in the creative industry. Jay skateboards and collects limited edition sneakers. He once got ID’d for a 12 rated film at the cinema. Jay is from Hertfordshire, UK.

JBJean-Baptiste Raynaud is our Country Manager for France, with 7+ years experience. He has previously worked at Badoo and Shopzilla. Even though he comes from the sunny French south coast, he claims to be a fully fledged British citizen. JB is from France.

CS-JenJenn Stengel is a Community CS Specialist with 3 years experience with EA/Playfish working in the community team on social games. She teaches 1st graders and enjoys crafts, dancing, and visiting pet stores. Jenn is from the US.

JoeJoe Raeburn is a Founding Employee and Product Manager with thirteen years experience in gaming and product management. He previously worked at Playfish, Associated Northcliffe Digital and Kiwibank. Joe is from New Zealand.

BadgerJosh Atack is a Concept Artist with five years experience. He has worked for Dr Who, Square-enix, EA, Frontier, Tiger aspect, Bethesda and Sumo digital. Josh is overly fond of badgers and pangolins. Josh is from Oxfordshire, UK.

JoshuaJoshua McGhee is a DevOps Engineer. He was previously a freelance web developer and serial hackathon attendee. His favourite book is ‘The Great Gatsby’. Joshua is originally from Glasgow, Scotland.

JCJohn Collins is a Designer with six years industry experience. He previously worked at EA/Playfish and SEGA. His life ambition is to overtake Lu in the Space Ape Foosball league tables. John is from the UK.

KaisaKaisa Poldaas is our Operations Manager with six years experience. She previously worked at Skype, Songkick and ZeroTurnaround. She loves travelling and snowboarding. Kaisa is from Estonia.

KazooKazuyo Kanayama is a Japanese Community Manager with a background in translation and QA Localisation. She has previously worked with Polygon Pictures, Nike and Vice. She loves taking long walks with her Camera. Kazoo is from Japan.

KeKe Ren is a Founding Employee and Senior Developer with ten years experience. He previously worked at Playfish, Truphone, and Autoquake. Ke loves to travel and one day hopes to travel through time. Ke is from China.

KeedoongKeedoong Choi is a Korean Customer Support and Community Manager. He was involved in localisation QA and translation projects with Zynga, Rovio, Boeing and Cisco. He loves travelling and music. Keedoong is from South Korea.

LeeLee Sullivan is an Art Director with 13 years experience in the games industry. Lee spent his entire career at EA. He has a passion for animation, children’s books and famously underdresses when meeting royalty. Lee is from Yorkshire.

LouisLouis McCormack is a Senior DevOps Engineer with over 10 years experience. He previously worked for Rightmove and Shazam. Louis is the proud possessor of a Gamesmaster Golden Joystick. Louis is from the UK.

LuLu Aye Oo is a Founding Employee and Senior Game Developer with nine years experience in game development. He previously worked at Playfish and Atticmedia. Once upon a time Lu directed a trilogy of Sci-fi movies. Lu is from Myanmar.

MattMatt Knapman is Head of Player Support. He previously worked for Virgin, Empire and Midway and more recently was Head of CS at He enjoys shredding on his bass guitar and playing video games. Matt is from the UK.

NasrinNasrin Chou is our Community Marketing Manager with 7+ years experience. She previously worked at Sanrio, and Hello Kitty used to be her best friend. Nasrin is trilingual and hopes to be octolingual one day. Nasrin is from Taiwan.

NathanNathan Clay is a Senior QA Engineer with 10 years experience. He has previously worked at EA, DICE and Rocksteady. Nathan turned to a career in QA after being told that colourblind people can’t work in bomb disposal or fly planes. Nathan is from the UK.

NeilBNeil Boulton is a Game Developer with over 3 years industry experience. He previously tested torpedoes and jet engines before working at Playfish and Headstrong. He considers ‘buying CDs’ a legitimate hobby. Neil is from the UK.

NeilPNeil Parkinson is a senior artist/animator with over 16 years experience in the games industry. He previously worked at SuperMassive, EA and Acclaim. Neil loves westerns and is a distant relative of Wyatt Earp. Neil is from the UK.

NelsonNelson Correia is a Senior Developer with 7 years experience. He previously worked at Mind Candy, EA and Playfish. He’s often seen cycling between geocaches or gathering people around a board game table. Nelson is from Portugal.

NickNick Mansdorf is a Senior Product Manager with five years industry experience. He previously worked at EA/PopCap and LolApps. Nick enjoys opening a fine bottle of red wine to go with his sheep, wheat, and bricks during matches of Settlers of Catan. Nick is from the US.

NicNicolas Boulay is a Growth Product Manager and Acquisition Guy with eight years experience in mobile acquisition for gaming and consumer products. He previously worked at Badoo, Gameloft, and Vivendi Universal Games. Nic is from France.

NickWNic Walker is our Head of Technical Operations. He previously worked at Razorfish. He pretends his favourite hobby is analogue photography but actually he spends most of his spare time maintaining his ridiculous moustache. Nic is from the UK.

PedroPedro Rabinovitch is a Founding Employee, Creative Director and Prototyper. He has nine years experience. He previously worked at Playfish and Jagex. Pedro self-published his first novel at the age of eight. Pedro is from Brazil.

CS-RaulRaul Larios is a Community CS Specialist with three years experience at EA/Playfish working across a number of social games. A gamer since the age of three, Raul is also a Web and Graphic Designer, and a fan of Frank Miller. Raul is from Mexico.

RichardRichard Reyes is a Data Analyst. He has 5 years experience in Analytics and previously worked for Veda within the Solutions Consulting team. Richard is a keen fisherman and owns his own fishing boat. Richard is from Australia.

RoelandRoeland Molenaar is a DevOps Engineer with more than 10 years of experience. He previously worked at Markit, TomTom and Atlassian. He enjoys making music, juggling and drinking lots of artisan filter coffee. Roeland is from The Netherlands.

CS-SabrinaSabrina Colletta is a Community CS Specialist with experience with EA/Playfish for the Pet Society Forums. She studied Foreign Languages and Literatures and is an interpreter for Italian, English, Turkish and Arabic. Sabrina is Italian.

SamMSam Miller is a 2D Artist and Animator with four years experience. He previously worked at Playfish and Rare. Sam once dreamt that he won Eurovision at the Olympics, and he is the proud owner of a pet underbird. Sam is from the UK.

samanthaSamantha Roach is our CS intern. She previously worked in the ice cream industry for 5 years and knows her dairy! Sam enjoys playing strategy games, partaking in game jams and playing American Football for her University team. Sam is from the UK.

SimonWSimon Watmough is a Technical Director with seven years experience. He previously worked at The Creative Assembly, Playfish and EA. Simon can spot Daniel Radcliffe in a crowd from 200 meters. Simon is from the UK.

StephenStephen Courtney is a Founding Employee and Senior Game Developer with six years experience. He previously worked at Playfish, Shadow Light games and Climax. He was the winner of Space Ape’s NFL Fantasy League. Stephen is from Ireland.

StevenHSteven Hsiao is a Chinese Customer Support and Community Manager with 4 years experience. He previously worked with Adidas and has worked in Taiwan and China. He is a hardcore DOTA 2 and Path of Exile player. Steven is from Taiwan.

StoyanStoyan Dimitrov is a 3D Modeller with three years industry experience. He previously worked at Rare and Frontier. He spends a lot of his free time at the gym and cooking healthy meals. Stoyan is from Bulgaria.

SuzySuzy Hampson is a QA Engineer with 3+ years experience. She previously worked at Sega, Warchest and Gamesys. She is a crazy cat lady, and for holidays, she battles the barbarian orcs of the Empire! Suzy is from Wales.

TiaTia Mooney is a QA Engineer with 2 years experience in the Gaming Industry. She previously worked at Jagex and Gamesys. She has proudly watched over 100 different Anime series! Tia is from the UK.

TomTom Martin is a Senior Developer with seven years industry experience. He previously worked at and the BBC. Tom once placed 6th overall in the Ludum Dare Game Jam. Tom is from the UK.

VickiVicki Wong is a 3D Artist and the other CEO/CCO of the company – Chief Entertainment/Camera Officer. Her special ability is creating memes from the embarrassing pictures she takes. She also makes the avatars and writes our blog. Vicki is from Hong Kong.

WillWill Newell is a full time User Acquisition Manager and part time wannabe surfer dude. Lover of all things games and creative. Runs for long periods of time without warning and enjoys food often. Will previously worked at Natural Motion Games and is from Newcastle.