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Developer Side Project: Foos. But Better

We love experimenting with new technology, and we love gaming. So as part of our extra-time projects, a few of our developers decided to mod our foosball table.

So far, we’ve implemented:

  • Goal detection
  • iOS game control and scoring
  • Web leaderboard system
  • Facebook log in
  • Performance ranking

  • Geckoboard integration
  • NFC login via Oyster card (you know, London Tube Card)
  • Match making and match prediction
  • In-match audio taunts
  • Custom player sounds

With more to come!

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Call It: Football

Real-Time Predictive Sports Gaming

In 2012, we set out to make the world’s best real time sports prediction app. ¬†We were inspired by the popularity of in-play betting on televised sports in the UK, and also by the popular adoption of other forms of casino games into free-to-play & social formats.

Call It: Football is an addicting mixture of fantasy football and real-time sports prediction. The next time a football game is on TV, open Call It and quickly jump into the action! Compete with your friends and players around the world to best predict how each drive will resolve, who will win, and how each team will perform in real time.